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... in the old arcaded courtyard

Our wine tavern is located in the family-owned, long-established Arkadenhof in Niederabsdorf. The farm has been family-owned since 1802 and offers a truly idyllic ambience with the shady guest garden, its old walls and arcades. In culinary terms, we stick to traditional Heurigen served cold – cuisine, pastries and other seasonal delicacies. We attach particular importance to the marketing of our own and regionally produced food.

Our restaurant has around 100 seats, the outdoor dining area around 180 and the Heurigenstadl another around 80 seats. We practice table service.

Such a bun, a patty,
oh, when they beckon to my palate,
then, then, then my day is done.

Oh, and if in a dear glass
sorrow and grief sink down,
then good night to everyone!

Mozart, KV234


Garnished with roast caraway


Vegetable sandwich

For those with a sweet tooth

Cardinal slices with raspberries


Matjes herring for Lent